maandag 2 september 2013



Release date: 2013-09-02
Label: 3000Grad Records
Catalog# 300013
Genre: Electro-Swing

The Copenhagen artist BeSvendsen makes another great release which reveals there is no limit when it comes to good compositions and a unique artistic drive. Mostly producing electro-swing Lasse's formerly released tunes on Acker Records where catched up on in an instand by the audience. His always happy feel grooves and fiddles are utmost appreciated by Cirkus 3000 Grad fans and festival visitors worldwide.

The Ep covers 3 new Besvendsen tracks including a remix of the earlier released summer hit "Solo Para Mi', accompanied by the cirkus- tech release " Let Them not Weep" including another Mollono Bass remix.The mystical western track "Leone" is our blog's favourite. 

Masquerade can be pursued both digital as in good old Vinyl on Decks