zondag 18 augustus 2013

NIKKOLAS RESEARCH ( Turning Wheel Records Artist)

Turning Wheel is a Swiss based techno and minimal label who caught my intention throw out the huge volume of quality techno tracks they releases in 2012, exactly the time my ears got caught by an emerging French techno-master called Nikkolas Research.


Born in St. Brieuc,France (1981), the artist got in to the dance industry by working closely with record shop Atom-X by organizing underground party's with his friend DJ Lowen from 1997-2007. As his fan base rises by this occasion, Nikkolas made his first release in 2009 , Middle Of Critic Night EP on Elektek Recordings and released a hug volume of quality techno tracks on forthcoming labels such Flat Belly Recordings, Silverscreen , Drops and Berlin Aufnamen just to name a few. In this case the dark and steamy productions of Nikkolas Research are definite one to watch out for!

More about Nikkolas: