dinsdag 11 december 2012

Exclusive interview with TAKUYA YAMASHITA

Japanese Producer Takuya Yamashita is a rising star, who's quality productions did not stay unnoticed. His techno track Daybreak went throw the ceiling in 2012 Beatport charts and is supported and released on Funk D'Void label Outpost Recordings. Takuya made his debut release "Neptune" back in 2008 on the Dutch label Lifeworld. Next to that the artist made several releases on labels as Bass pressure and Espai music. Also notable to mention is that he became runner up at Ken Ishii's 15th anniversairy collaboration contest. Takuya appears to be a gifted multi talented artist and composes various styles of music by various artist names such as:

Salza: Hi Takuya, thank you for having this chat with us. First of all I want to congratulate you to the massive track “ Daybreak” which has been hitting the Beatport techno charts now for a couple of months. Well Done!! So What is your musical background, Takuya and where did you find your inspiration?
Takuya: At the age of five I had learned to play the piano taught by my mother but I gave up learning soon,because I could not keep still in front of the piano for a long time:-) 
At the age of 13 ,I listened  to Vivaldi's music that was used as a soundtrack in an animation film.So I was interested in classical music.
In the college days, I studied about Mahler's symphony.During the same period I started to listen and compose techno by a friend's influence. In those days I love English techno,for example 808state,Orbital,The global communication,The Grid,etc.
After college, I moved to Sapporo and started going to the clubs.So I started to listen and compose minimal and Detroit techno.For example Moritz von Ozwald,Surgeon,UR,Jeff Mills and needless to say Funk D'void! 
Salza: Yes, you most have had some really nice responses to your music. One big name that is supporting you and you already mentioned is Funk D’void, alias Lars Sandberg,famous for tracks like Diabla and Flealife. Where/how did you guys meet?
Takuya: I got to know Tom Middleton on Myspace.He liked my tracks and played it at his party's.He told his friend Lars about me and the tracks, then Lars supported my tracks! So I asked him to release my most important track 'Daybreak' on his label. I'm glad that one of my techno hero's thinks highly of my tracks!
I didn't meet him yet but may have the opportunity to meet with him at his next party in Japan.
SalzaI can image that must all have been a wonderful experiences for you! All artist know how hard work and commitment is essential for any success! I expect you haven’t been a DJ/producer all your life, Takuya. Can you share to our readers what professions did you engage before making music? And why did you choose music/art?

TakuyaI usually have a sales job.This job is unrelated to music and art! I have had lot's of troubles with jobs and life. At first I wanted be a musicologist.But it seems that no one can explain the beauty of music in words. So I started to search for beautiful tones.I really want to devote my life to composing, but I can not live with my family only on music yet!.But I feel encouraged by composing, moreover I'm glad that listener feel encouraged by my music!
Salza:That is so nice, thanks you for sharing that with us!So we’ve also been noticing you are quite busy !  Can you tell us something about your latest project, one we definitely need to look out for? Any tours on schedule ?Any interesting collaborations?

TakuyaAt first 'Quasar' EP will be released on Espai music at December 12th.
Also notable is my second EP on Outpost recordings! It will be released at the beginning of 2013.

Furthermore, I'm not DJ and I don't perform as a live act yet...I don't have enough equipment for live acts but I plan for it to happen in the near future!

SalzaWe definitely will be looking out for those upcoming masterpiece and your live performances throw out the world! Thank you for this interview, Takuya and we wish you tremendous success for the future!!!