dinsdag 13 november 2012

Analog Trip - Declaration Of Silence (12 Years later remix )

Athens based artist Analog Trip (Kosmas Katimertzis, born 1972) officially entered the electronic scene in 1996 on a CD which was circulated 25.000 times by a , for that period well known Dance magazine. Since this success, which included airplay on CoolFm and LifeFm ,Analog Trip was referenced among many Greek artist and invited to play his sets on various dance floors like Plan B, Face the music, Camel Club, Noise, Loop and Muller.In the summer the artist also appeared on Paros, Monastiri, Mezzo Mezzo, Bananas and Cafe Del Mar among others to promote his music.

At the early age of 17 the young artist experimented with synthesizers,  drumcomputers and vinyl , playing at local bars, and while studying at university a few years later, he became part of an Electro group called VCF, already know for their live gigs at Athens popular clubs Factory, DOM and the Wild Rose.

Recently Analog Trip's music appeared on Gravity Recordings, featuring "Galeraki Mykonos Chillout Moods and Grooves", next to "Cafe Caprice", a more atmospheric style but none the less accompanied with his own freestyle/tribal/deep and tech sound.

In 2008 Analog Trip created his own recordlabel called Elektrik Dreams Music and released several remixes on labels as Ambiosphere Recordings and Worldwide Exclusive records

In artistic relevance of how inspiration, love and patients for a dusty old track can grow, please enjoy,the work of this very talented producer: Declaration of Silence, the 12 year later remix!