zondag 1 februari 2015

Musclefarm, Enginering future dance music with Dutch Legend Eric de Man

Last weekend on the 24th of januari promoter Yum Yum (NL) celebrated it's 10th anniversairy at
the Azijnfabriek Roermond and invited DJ act "Musclefarm" a collab between legendary Dutch DJ Eric de Man and his partner Aron Friedman

Eric de Man and Aron Friedman @welcome to the future 2013
Eric de Man ,a dutch legend which is know to be a non genre man, contributes passioned and oustanding djset's to his crowd with an excellent choice of music since early "93. But also his partner Aron Friedman is a long time music explorer and engineer.

With Eric's history of dropping epic set's in his early years,in home town Arnhem, as the resident of Amsterdam's Club Risk, Now &Wow and bording along since it's birth on the Welcome to the Future festival, Eric was always passionate about Chicago house , but the wickedly skilled wizard dropped his own dancefloor mixture of sounds, beats, effects and vocals ,which some report to this day , is to be undescribable yet brilliant for steamy dancefloors . Sure enough this always innovating performer saw his carreer go right to the top of notable Dutch DJ's and producers. 
Aron on the other hand ,  also know for being a stubborn out of the box DJ ,played his extravagant tunes since 1999 , pushing the legendary clubnights Mono and Traffic in downtown Amsterdam. 

The guys met in 2000 as Aron watched Eric play at Welcome To the Future and was deeply amazed by Eric's performance. Their friendship grew out of their mutual passion for eexquisite music, but it was not before 2012 they founded Musclefarm, a combined music adverture of both personal flavours which premiered , surprisingly not in the netherlands but at Berlin's famous Club Kater Holzig. The guys still treasure great memories of that magical saturday morning performance. 

Today's Musclefarm  is a much beloved act in the dance scene who's recognition is growing worldwide. The Yum Yum crowd experienced a knock out quality experience, remotely grooving

to this amazing sound which makes this blog scream out for more!

You should try it yourself! Find  Musclesfarm gigcalender at resident advisor


More about these artist:
Eric de Man https://soundcloud.com/ericdeman
Aron Friedman https://soundcloud.com/aron-friedman

zondag 7 december 2014

Jonas Saalbach - Charon (original mix)

Talent on the rise from Berlin is beloved DJ/ Producer Jonas Saalbach who rocked his first ADE this year, during his performance for German Label Einmusika, La Reve and Parquet.

Playing all his tracks live, the 24 year old artist looks backs on a series of releases since 2012 in which he reveals his honest warm productions like his latest EP "Charon" out on Manuel Music.

The EP consist out of two beautiful deephouse - and one electronica track filled with swirly melody's and a warm deep flow. The magical atmosphere is build up by layered sounds of calming violin's, guitars and a touch of harp captivating the emotional essence , one of Saalbach's distinctive trademarks. 

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zaterdag 3 mei 2014

Days of Funk - Orchestra Kids (Original Mix)

Our feature of this month is from Moscow special producing talent Days of Funk a.k.a AsagaAlexander Butskiy originally began his career only in 2010 as he was quickly noticed in 2011 by Luciano (Cadenza Rec) with his track Close your Eyes,which Alexander released under his alter ego Asaga. After this achievement Alexander's popularity grew across the borders of his country, gaining much respect and more musical invitations, as he decided to run another project by himself called Days of Funk to get ahead with more styles of electronic music, as he felt his techhouse religion did not nurture all his needs.

With a great and full track record of releases on labels such as Highway Records, NoPassport and even Hed Kandi , Asaga is driven to hit more electronica and techhouse charts this summer. Currently the artist lives in Moscow and plays on a regular basis in some of the finest clubs his country has to offer. Check out his social profiles to learn more about this wonderful artist.

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