dinsdag 26 mei 2015

Exclusive interview with Mollono Bass ( 3000Grad/ Acker Records)

Mollono Bass aka Molle is Producer/ DJ and founding member of the quartet Kombinat100, Acker Records and 3000grad Records. Together with a bunch of artist friends, Molle promotes the Wanderzirkus 3000Grad. A wicked cirkus festival full of crazy acts besides awesome, balkan techy tunes from various DJ acts.

Salza: "Hello Molle, thank you for having this interview with me. First of all I would like to congratulate you on the big succes the 3000Grad Wanderzirkus is having. Currently touring again, the Wanderzirkus festival is a festival many folks look forward to. Needless to say the Acker- and 3000Grad releases are doing just great. But dear Molle, for the fans and artist out there, we are curious, so please tell us more about your vision and inspiration!"

Molle: “I really believe in a better world, I believe we can make the change happen – little by little, step by step! So my vision is a human community that has respect for the cycles of nature, for planet Earth, and for its future.

As for my inspiration, there's plenty. For instance, I remember driving down one of those long, tree-lined roads so typical for my Mecklenburg neighbourhood. Going straight, but at the same time having this beautiful, ever changing countryside passing by on both sides... that was really a great moment of inspiration. I recharge creative energy when spending a day at the sea... or whenever I receive a genuine smile. Of course travelling as a musician is another important source of inspiration, meeting all these different people, experiencing those fine details that make every local scene unique and special.

Salza: " Good to hear the planet gives you so much pleasure, Molle. A lot of people take our pretty world for granted!We salute you for sharing your thoughts on that one! So when and why did you get started with music?"

Molle: "My Mum gave me a keyboard when I was 14 years old, and I loved that thing from the first moment. All of a sudden I had a new hobby, I practised, started to improvise and finally performed some songs together with my classmates at school. I really enjoyed creating my own music, but at the same time I enjoyed the music of others just as much. So when I turned 16 I got myself 2 turntables and started DJing.

Back then we spent many weekends driving to Berlin and having a good time at Tresor or E-Werk. On the way and back home we listened to the House and Techno music that was broadcasted by the radio stations in Berlin. I was really on fire with the whole club music thing. So when I finally completed my training as a chef and made some money I bought a drum machine, installed Cubase on my computer and started creating my own tracks. It really felt like a logical step in my musical evolution."

Salza: " So, where does the idea of the Wanderzirkus begin? "

Molle: "Again, it just feels like the next step in the evolution that began in 1994 when I started the 3000GRAD artist collective with some of my best friends. It began with small, local parties, but little by little the project grew bigger. We are very happy and also proud that we obviously developed our own style over the years – of course music has always been the driving force and the major expression of this style. As a platform for this music we founded ACKER RECORDS and shortly after that 3000GRAD RECORDS. One thing lead to another, soon we received nationwide requests for our artists and so we set up the booking agency 3000GRAD BOOKING.

That's various launching pads to get our sound out there. However, it has never been our intention to create popularity just for the sake of popularity, just for the sake of money or fame. We really believe in that moment when you listen to really good music in a really good environment, at a really good party. That's why we put a lot of effort into creating exactly this kind of environment - the perfect context for our artists to perform. And that's pretty much the idea behind the Wanderzirkus, the Travelling Circus. It's our own production, so we can take care of all the details. We are happy to see how it worked out and amazed about the feedback we receive at our events – it strengthens our vision that it is not all about the hype, but just about having a good time in the end. We have special decoration concepts, and we include a multitude of performance artists to create a truly surreal party experience. The Wanderzirkus, the Travelling Circus, presents not only DJs, live acts and bands, but also magicians, acrobats of all kinds, a variety show, it's own little theatre, plus a multitude of colourful freaks and fraggles. Altogether we have 40 music acts and almost the same amount of performance and variety artists. A festival of subcultural art and pure joy of life! 

Salza: "I should mention to our readers that you live for the festival life. Wanderzirkus has travelled throughout Germany, The Netherlands ( Amsterdam) and France the past year. "

Molle: "Indeed, our circus troupe is travelling a lot at the moment and we have more and more international shows and gigs."

Salza: "Tell us more about this bigger dream of yours, and how it involved in one of your latest projects: The movie “Von Wustruw nach Paris” which is also the title of the official album- release.

Molle: “Von Wustrow nach Paris – From Wustrow to Paris” is a documentary about the 3000GRAD collective. It's not our own production, it was created by the filmmakers Henry Tonn and Andreas Duasen. Henry was fascinated about our project and just asked if he and his camera could travel with us for some time. It was our please! The result is a beautiful film that tells about the Wanderzirkus, the Travelling Circus, and that captures the summer vibe of our 3000GRAD Festival."

Salza: "What does the movie express? What would you like your audience to see?"

Molle: "I would say the film is about music, freedom, adventure... oh yeah, and there's also some bits and pieces about fishing. It's about Berlin, Hamburg, Montpellier, Amsterdam... and Wustrow. Which is our home village, by the way. It's about an energy that links up all these different places, events and experiences: 3000GRAD – the name of a music festival, the name of a Travelling Circus, the name of an attitude towards life.

Salza: " So, The Wanderzirkus Festival is also set up as a kind of resistance against the big Mainstream Events I learned on the net."

Molle: "Resistance is probably not the right word – we're just doing our thing, and obviously this thing is quite contrary to what is commonly referred to as „mainstream event“. We don't see ourselves as moralizers of the scene – we just want to have a good time.

Sure, we have to make some money at our events – simply because the production of our events costs money. However, we try to keep it as fair as possible for everyone. That's exactly what I'm talking about when I said „make change happen“ at the beginning of this interview. We try to create an environment where nobody is ripped-off. In this respect our festivals might really be some kind of antithesis to „commercial“ events. Another aspect is that we want to be as independent as possible to create that special kind of coherent party experience – that's why we wouldn't work with any sponsors. Last but not least we see it as an ongoing challenge to keep our events as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible "

Salza: "And personally, what bugs you the most about these big Mainstream events?"

Molle: "Quite a lot. I mean, people pay plenty of money just to get in and then they are not even in a beautiful, inspiring environment, but they are surrounded by advertising. Seeing video ads on huge projection screens at a party is thing that really bugs me. The bars at these events charge ridiculous amounts of money. It's just an ongoing experience of being milked in a soulless plastic environment... For me that's just a very bad case of greed and capitalism, but surely not what I understand as scene- or music culture."

Salza: "You have been quite a busy worker, Molle…"

Molle: "True that, I have one or two projects at the moment... I guess I just love diversity!"

Salza: "What else is there to expect from you and your labels? Any releases or tours planned?"

Molle: "I am currently working on my second album... which includes many studio sessions with other musicians, most of them good friends. I think the recording and production will be finished in summer 2015. Also I worked on a new EP with Ava Asante. I think 2015 will be a really great year in terms of sound."

Salza: "thank you so much for your time, dear Molle. We'll be looking forward to your music and wish you and your crew all the best for the future! ". 

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dinsdag 7 april 2015

Greece 2000 (Olivier Weiter Remix)

Dutch producer/ DJ Olivier Weiter tracks and djset's are gaining more and more worldwide recognition and wow what a star on the rise this artist is.

3voor12 interview with Olivier Weiter

From dropping tunes in small basements and clubs in downtown Amsterdam, now traveling from one massive gig to another, headlining and closing on festival's like Tomorrowland Brazil, or Mysteryland USA, the artist , performing on bare feet is praised for his shows and is seen as the next chapter the Dutch dance industy is waiting for.

At times when it is hard to make a good remix out of a classic, Olivier seems to know exactly what sound and feel he wants to bring his audience. The Greece 2000 remix , out on Armada Deep, is a delight for those ears waiting to catch back a glimp of the good ol days, without messing up the original producer's intention. It's a piece of art. Mr. Olivier Weiter seems unstoppable.

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zondag 1 februari 2015

Musclefarm, Enginering future dance music with Dutch Legend Eric de Man

Last weekend on the 24th of januari promoter Yum Yum (NL) celebrated it's 10th anniversairy at
the Azijnfabriek Roermond and invited DJ act "Musclefarm" a collab between legendary Dutch DJ Eric de Man and his partner Aron Friedman

Eric de Man and Aron Friedman @welcome to the future 2013
Eric de Man ,a dutch legend which is know to be a non genre man, contributes passioned and oustanding djset's to his crowd with an excellent choice of music since early "93. But also his partner Aron Friedman is a long time music explorer and engineer.

With Eric's history of dropping epic set's in his early years,in home town Arnhem, as the resident of Amsterdam's Club Risk, Now &Wow and bording along since it's birth on the Welcome to the Future festival, Eric was always passionate about Chicago house , but the wickedly skilled wizard dropped his own dancefloor mixture of sounds, beats, effects and vocals ,which some report to this day , is to be undescribable yet brilliant for steamy dancefloors . Sure enough this always innovating performer saw his carreer go right to the top of notable Dutch DJ's and producers. 
Aron on the other hand ,  also know for being a stubborn out of the box DJ ,played his extravagant tunes since 1999 , pushing the legendary clubnights Mono and Traffic in downtown Amsterdam. 

The guys met in 2000 as Aron watched Eric play at Welcome To the Future and was deeply amazed by Eric's performance. Their friendship grew out of their mutual passion for eexquisite music, but it was not before 2012 they founded Musclefarm, a combined music adverture of both personal flavours which premiered , surprisingly not in the netherlands but at Berlin's famous Club Kater Holzig. The guys still treasure great memories of that magical saturday morning performance. 

Today's Musclefarm  is a much beloved act in the dance scene who's recognition is growing worldwide. The Yum Yum crowd experienced a knock out quality experience, remotely grooving

to this amazing sound which makes this blog scream out for more!

You should try it yourself! Find  Musclesfarm gigcalender at resident advisor


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Aron Friedman https://soundcloud.com/aron-friedman