woensdag 23 januari 2013

Live report :3000GRAD der WANDERZIRKUS Festival 2013

Berlin's Ritter Butke's  was the place to be on 18-19-20 january as the Wanderzirkus 3000 Grad festival came to Berlin for another edition with even more artist and 2 brand new playgrounds available for more entertainment, a laugh and a dance.There where musicians, Kaos-clown's, spiders, magicians and fairy's, a surreal electronic fest was showcased. A concept with hug potential!

BeSvendsen live at Wanderzirkus 3000 Grad (2013)
Wanderzirkus 3000's international program was a real treat. With some of our Blog's favorite artist performing such as  the popular Besvendsen, Molle aka Mollono Bass , Sebo & Madmotormiquel, Cosmic Cowboys, Funkwerkstatt, Kollektiv ost, Super Flu and the Glitz, our weekend couldn't start better!

In all this crazy artistic energy we felt like getting back to our inner child becoming pleasantly surprised as we arrived in the pumping and crowded ├Âlfasslager area where Sebo and Madmotormiquel where stealing the show. Next to that we were captured in the saloon area with a phenomenal alternative electronic act called Fuji Kureta, which is really something else beside the typical European mainstream and even the most regular underground performances, very cool indeed, but finally and at last we could enjoy a one hour live set of Besvendsen's so called circus tech music. This artist enchanted us live with his clarinet, electronic percussion, playing all of his magical productions such as a nice remix of the Black Tower Hotel, and his more popular On the hill, which seriously encouragement the crowd to blow that whistle and show recognition. The overall menu of this cultural fest was magical and definitely grew upon us!

The howl concept of the surreal Wanderzirkus made a massive impression and could only leave us with a taste for more, more and more. The surroundings, atmosphere, up beats, deeper downbeats, the folks, all was well in balance and gave a glance what to expect from the electronic scene in the near future. We can only salute those who see that niche and take innovating the origin of electronic dance music to that next respectable level!

Fuji Kureta (live 2013)