dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Jacques Green - Quicksand

It's amazing how many real young artist worldwide seem to catch the crowd with their musical talent.Such a rising star is Jacques Green, a 22 year old Canadian producer who is part of the Scottish record label LuckyMe. In 2010 his first release caught the eye of tons of Youtube viewers, showing of his unique sensual style based on vintage analog synths and R&B vocals. With a fabulous remix of Radiohead's "Lotus Flower"
in 2011 and big support by Pete Tong for his debut release "Another Girl ",  BBC radio introduced Jacques's sound with lead to such great demand it eventually got him a sold out tour throw Europe in 2012. In that same year Jacques made his first release on the 3024 label, and his first releases "Concealer" on his own label Vase where he collaborated with UK colleague  Koreless and Montreal based long term friend and R & B producer Ango for some grand UK/Garage/dubstep releases. What is trilling to see is that genre is no limitation for our musical youngster. I guess the world is just ready for some great music! This is definitely one to look out for! :)