dinsdag 29 september 2015

Ten Walls "The Official Apology "

Today Litianian musician Ten Walls made an official apology out on his facebook artist page after loosing half the world's sympathy due to his extravagant homophonic post last June. Not only fans worldwide were absolutely shocked, but the artist carreer immediately faced a sincer crisis with  6 festival's cancelling his booking, Phobic Records cancelled all pre-orders from his new EP "Sparta" and even his booking agency released him from his contract.

Ten Walls ,who dropped his personal point of view about the gay community comparing them with phaedophiles and adding the remark"that in the old days this breed of people where fixed", does not easily find sympathy after his official apology today, where he claims to be deeply sorry for his remarks.

Unfortunatte for him social media can be hard and direct, as it shows the crowd goes wild on his facebook page dropping comments like "somebody needs gigs "and slamming his profile picture " as one of the most gay they have ever seen ".
It is going to be really though for Ten Walls to gain back the repect he had as an artist, if he succeeds in getting back in that lenght at all!
History showed most folks are never that forgiving nor does the industry show any kind of compassion to artist dropping such disrespectfull and unbelievable remarks. Sinaed O Conner is one lady to compaire with , who's devasted carreer never really got back in to the top , although she tried making a comeback several times. So For Ten Walls his hard times ain't just over yet. An apology is one thing, but how to change the believes and morales you grew up with day by day?  It takes a lot more lessons in understanding oneself and the community we live in. And as a public figure all eyes and ears will be on him to prove something changed deep within, before Ten Walls will only be remembered again for by his great music.