dinsdag 7 april 2015

Greece 2000 (Olivier Weiter Remix)

Dutch producer/ DJ Olivier Weiter tracks and djset's are gaining more and more worldwide recognition and wow what a star on the rise this artist is.

3voor12 interview with Olivier Weiter

From dropping tunes in small basements and clubs in downtown Amsterdam, now traveling from one massive gig to another, headlining and closing on festival's like Tomorrowland Brazil, or Mysteryland USA, the artist , performing on bare feet is praised for his shows and is seen as the next chapter the Dutch dance industy is waiting for.

At times when it is hard to make a good remix out of a classic, Olivier seems to know exactly what sound and feel he wants to bring his audience. The Greece 2000 remix , out on Armada Deep, is a delight for those ears waiting to catch back a glimp of the good ol days, without messing up the original producer's intention. It's a piece of art. Mr. Olivier Weiter seems unstoppable.

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