zondag 2 maart 2014

Ian O'Donovan - World Away [Connaisseur]

Innovation, talent and skilled is what this blog appreciates the utmost. Next hot post entry is for Dublin based DJ/producer Ian O'DonovanKeen enough Ian's detroit -techno release on Belgian label Electronic Reeds "Omega Centauri " landed on our porch, making it a instant favorite and a most blog to spread the love. 

Discovered by Laurent Garnier in 2009, Ian ireceiving support from respected artist as John Digweed, Dave Clark and Herman Cattaneo. Already releasing on labels as John Digweed's Bedrock, Vince Watson's Bio label, EMI, KMS Records and Darko Esser's Wolfskuil, the artist is described by Laurent garnier as one of the main players in the Detroit techno style and appointed to one of best upcoming dj's worldwide. 

For this post two of Ian's tracks are selected to give you more soundy insides.