vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Max Cole Remix- Lettre á France (Michel Polnareff orginal)

Young Belgium based DJ/producer Max Cole is the founder of Exquisse records and a hot DJ around the Brussels area. As a youngster Max was influenced by Punk, Hip Hop and later New Beat, but started playing House and Techno in Norway 1997,which was very populair at the time. Today Max produces his own tracks with a primarily Electro Tech feel but the DJ made his debut in 2006 on Wah Wah 45 with a chill out track Ay Calor which implicates the wide variety of his musical skills and flavours. Other labels like Scarcrow Music, Muenchen, Electro Superstar, Volt 9 Records and others we're happy to include this young master in their family.